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Best Health benefits and Uses of Pomegranate

September 10, 2014 03:140 comments

The tree of pomegranate is one of the earliest known cultures. Since ancient times pomegranate has been cultivated in the Mediterranean region of Asia, Africa and Europe and has been highly valued for its juice, but also for its therapeutic properties. The medicinal use of pomegranate is the oldest documented […]

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Amazing Health Benefits of Onion for Skin, Hair, Cold

03:000 comments

The onion is a plant whose bulb is edible and possesses great medicinal properties. It is a plant for archaeologists and botanists has been a challenge because as it is a small plant and due to its composition leaves almost no traces, there is no accurate opinion about the exact […]

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Health benefits of eating Egg | Advantages & Reasons to eat Egg

01:390 comments

The egg is a basic ingredient of food. Is high in nutrients such as protein, vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids, which are those that the body does not make our alone and therefore must be supplied in the diet. Two medium eggs (about 100 grams of edible portion) is […]

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Health benefits of eating Apples daily

September 8, 2014 23:550 comments

The appearance of beautiful, tempting apple is not surprising since this part of the beautiful fruit of the rose family. The famous saying is that “an apple a day, keeps the doctor away” can be very true. The apple reduces cholesterol and contains anti-cancer agents. Its high fiber content helps […]

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Health benefits of eating watermelon

September 7, 2014 15:310 comments

Watermelon is not only a delicious fruit to freshen up and stay hydrated during a hot day but it is also full of nutrients. Watermelon contains vitamin C, vitamin A, potassium and magnesium among others. It also contains lycopene and beta carotene, two substances that have the potential to reduce […]

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Health Benefits of eating carrot and properties

02:400 comments

The carrot grows throughout the world. Although the most familiar is the Larguita orange, the truth is that there are carrots of different colors and sizes. A variety of carrot in the Far East grows up to three feet long. Through the years, the carrot has been characterized as the […]

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