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admin / September 27, 2014


Snoring can be one of the problems that most people fear, especially in a relationship, this is because the noise generated while people sleep, is too strong and therefore, can take away the dream to others . There are different types of snoring, including some barely can be heard, while others are so strong that they can get to listen in other rooms of our home.

The sound of a snore depends on its strength as people breathe and this is mainly because you have an obstruction between the mouth and nose. As a noise becomes too troublesome and uncomfortable for others. Even, it should be mentioned that snoring too much can actually cause a number of problems that can endanger our lives.

It is common to find people who snore remedy and looking to buy products for snoring but not the end of all these offer only able to sleep well for a few days in a while its effect is removed.Snoring not only causes us to sleep poorly, you can also pass a difficult night others who sleep with us.


There are several causes of snoring and these can be very common that can surprise us. Thus, pay attention to these causes and tries to avoid them to avoid a bad night is that snoring is a problem that can take years to heal and in the meantime try to spend nights impossible.

Nasal congestion : When we are prone to a cold or stuffy nose; snoring is then displayed and the mucosa is generated inside our lungs like to reach our throat causes can not breathe in the best way. This blockage can cause excessive snoring and breathing is that in trying our body increases its force of exhalation.

Deviated septum : This problem usually happens in many people and it is proven that 60% of the world population has a deviated septum and for that matter, has a breathing obstruction in a common way.

Overweight : The obesity  is another factor of snoring, because having more weight than it should have our body, it is then that the breathing gets stronger and obstruction becomes possible, because many People tend to sleep with open mouth and this results to a larger problem.

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Speaking of home remedies for snoring, we can say that we found a number of treatments that can be perfect for our body. A point to note is that if you sleep, increases our difficulty breathing; is then always leave these remedies and attend a doctor.

Onion salt : We will halve an onion with salt and bathe all around as well as within the plate, and placed it next to where even let you sleep. Significantly odor causing onion is too strong and that any obstruction of any kind on our nose is avoided.

Seawater : Surely they ever heard of this product, it should be noted that it is too expensive.So to do so, we need to mix a cup of room temperature water with half a teaspoon of salt and a pinch of baking soda. Then,
with a dropper, apply a few drops of the salt water in each of our nostrils and breathe deeply.This solution helps clean, unclog the nose and open nostrils and open mouth and avoiding the tendency to snore.

Sleeping on your side : If you sleep on your side or stomach, narrowing the back of the mouth is less pronounced, reducing the chance of snoring. It should be noted that sleeping in this position we get used to your body and lie down, relax in this position.

Eucalyptus : If you have a stuffy nose, breathing is very good eucalyptus steam which will facilitate breathing through the nasal route is free, combating snoring. To prepare put eucalyptus leaves in a pot with water, boil, cover your head with a towel and deeply inspire your steam.

Ruda and olive oil : Mix in an airtight glass of olive oil with 50 gr. of rue. Close it and let marinate for 2 weeks. Then apply it before going to sleep on the bridge of the nose, and neck ever.

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