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admin / October 9, 2014

Stress is a natural process that responds to our need to adapt to the environment, constantly changing;but detrimental if it is severe or prolonged in time. Do not let it dominate.

The most frequent symptoms of stress include:

Emotions: depression or anxiety , irritability, fear, nervousness, confusion, mood fluctuations, and so on.
Thoughts: excessive fear of failure, excessive self-criticism, forgetfulness, difficulty concentrating and making decisions , repetitive thoughts …
Behaviors: nervous laughter, rude treatment of others, incremetno consumption of snuff, alcohol and other drugs, increased or decreased appetite, crying, teeth grinding or clenching, etc..
Physical changes: muscle tension, cold or sweaty hands, insomnia, headaches, fatigue, back or neck problems, indigestion, breathing, sleep disturbances, rashes, sexual dysfunction, and so on.

Diagnosing stress levels

There are some parameters that determine the stress level at which a person is:

Cognitive level: the person has insecurity and has trouble concentrating; not find a solution to your problems no matter how small, and has the feeling of having lost his memory.
Physiological level: stress can occur by physical symptoms such as headaches, muscle tension, sleep disturbances, fatigue, skin diseases. The individual feels ill, see your doctor, but the results are normal.
Engine level: the person tends to perform unusual actions such as mourn, compulsive overeating, smoking more than normal, twitching appear, etc. In short, the person feels like running away to avoid stress.

Prevention of stress:


It is important to take a mini-break (rest), during the day. For everything you’re doing for a moment and get a massage on the shoulders, neck and head. Stretch, walk a while and take a glass of water.

The anti-stress diet

Avoid overloading the body with slow digestion. It is advisable to follow a healthy balanced diet, excessive alcohol or exciting substances like caffeine, and use the time as a meal break, that serves to promote the social and family relationships.

Get enough sleep. Enjoy the holidays and weekends and leisure time, and disconnect from work problems when the workday ends.

Physical exercise helps to relax and interact with friends or family. It serves to release tension and negative thoughts away.

It is important to learn how to organize , find allocate time to rest, and set priorities when it is not possible to complete all tasks.

Problem solving and decision making
Making decisions trying to follow a logical process, not run away from problems and confronting them to decide the best alternative in each case.

Interpretation of situations and problems
Sometimes we tend to exaggerate the negative consequences of an event or situation, reaching catastrophic perform analysis, and suffer for problems that do not exist and events that have not happened yet.

There must be natural and handle situations without worrying about what others may think.

Attributions and self-esteem
It is good to love themselves and be good. If you have done something well, congratulate themselves for it and, if it has failed to recognize that in this case has not been acted properly and try to rectify the mistakes without blame or negative thoughts about yourself. strengthens your self-esteem .

how to prevent stress

Relations with others
Reinforce positive behavior with the people around and try to correct the negative.

Get enough sleep . If you feel less sleep per night, will be completed with a short nap if necessary. Sleep is   the best   for our bodies to recover,   repair the immune system, the brain a chance to rest and regeneration, as well as store energy for the next day.

Drink plenty of water. Dehydration is often goes   overlooked, however, our body is composed of 95% water. When the body is dehydrated, you will feel tired, irritable and  possibly with headache.  ‘s body tends to misinterpret thirst for hunger, so often the cause of obesity, which is important. Sodas or sugary drinks do not count as water.

Eating fruits and vegetables. Eating lots of fruits and vegetables can keep our bodies, including the brain, our encouragement, our defenses and   immune.- system

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