Natural Home Remedies and how to get rid for Measles

admin / December 17, 2017


One of the most contagious viral and when compared with chickenpox disease; is undoubtedly the measles, the disease to be able to spread through the atmosphere, and saliva makes contact anyone to be exposed to suffer. However, children and adolescents are most at risk of developing measles because their defenses are still growing and any viral disease, can spread.

To detect measles we have, we must look upon our body a series of white dots or spots mainly in the stomach. Then they will expand on our entire body. We should also note that a number of swellings in areas of our body and itching are very common and annoying. We note that this condition requires at least 2 weeks of rest.

Suffering measles, a common set of conditions that will reduce our defenses will be taken. If you suffer from measles and try to accelerate recovery, all that will happen is that these spots remain for longer and makes the presentation to other people do contagious.


There are a number of cases of measles and the care that we have about this illness is like any disease seriously. If this is neglected, it can lead to internally by a period of one month. It should be noted that these symptoms are all too common in measles but are too strong prevail or need to see a doctor.

Eye irritation : This is one of the main indicators that we measles, if we have red eyes and a little swollen, plus they feel itching on the eyelids, is a possible indication of having measles. Note that for measles, may burning eyes and watery eyes have.

Cough : Another symptom of measles is coughing, but in these cases is not any cough; will be in excess and also have a series of phlegm with a yellow hue. It is possible that after so much effort in the throat, get an infection due to the force exerted by coughing.

Fever : As the spots are appearing in our body; body temperature will rise, likewise, is likely to be about 39-40 degrees and although it is too strong, it is very common. However, if this remains an urgent need to assist the doctor.


There are a number of remedies for the measles, they help control the itching and the feeling of it. They can also reduce fever can appear and therefore, become a very good choice. A key point to note is that remedies or medications are required to wait 10 days rest.

Cup water with salt : In a cup of warm water, you need to add a tablespoon of salt. We recommend using a dropper to add the liquid and after this, at the corner of the eyes add 2 drops in each eye. This serves to remove the dry eyes and to give a sense of relief in his eyes.

Chamomile tea : In these cases it is advisable to use a few branches of chamomile to put in hot water. After this, as they have a warm temperature, we pass on the spots of our body. This should be done every time an itching or burning sensation you have.

Hot Onion : You must put an onion on fire so that this can burn a little, we should note that once this, we expect to find tibia not burn. As you begin to rub it all over our body and this will relieve the discomfort of measles.

Evening Primrose Oil, Rosehip and Aloe vera : If you apply any of these products in granite, will help prevent scars that may result from the rash.

Jengribre : One of the most popular remedies, apply compresses soaked cooking ginger root.It will help relieve pain and itching.

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