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admin / December 17, 2017

Jaundice is caused when bilirubin (breakdown product of red blood cells at the end of its life cycle) is in the blood too much and the liver can not remove it from the blood as it should.

However, it is important to note that jaundice does not necessarily mean that the liver is damaged, because even healthy overloaded can be seen in any given moment.

It is also necessary to know that a few days after birth, 30% of infants, especially premature infants, develop a form of jaundice due to liver immaturity and that usually is harmless and disappears quickly in a few days.

When the skin, nails and eyes are colored yellow, discolored faeces and sweat and urine of the person have a dark color is said that the person has jaundice . Jaundice is a disease that is due to fact that bile is stopped in its course and can not pass into the intestine. Why their coloring elements enter the blood and around the cuerpo. Loss symptoms are found in affect jaundice apart from those described above, are headache, irritable nature, nocturnal itching, loss of appetite, bad taste mouth, regurgitation.  Here we have how to treat it .

The most common causes of jaundice are:

Bile duct obstruction . An obstruction of the bile ducts, the channels through which the bile out of the liver, can result in jaundice. The blockage may be caused by disorders such as pancreatic cancer or gallstones. If the bile ducts are blocked, bile builds up in the liver and bilirubin is forced back into the blood.

Hepatitis or inflammation of the liver . In this case, the liver is unable to remove all of the bilirubin formed, and it builds up in the blood and reach the skin yellowing precipitates.

Excessive destruction of red blood cells . In a healthy person, the red blood cells have a life cycle of approximately 120 days, after which they are removed from the blood and destroyed by the spleen to produce bilirubin. So bilirubin into the liver. If the number of red blood cells processed is above normal (hemolysis), the liver fails to process large amounts of bilirubin. This is what is known as hemolytic jaundice.

Other causes such as alcohol abuse, an adverse reaction to certain medications and parasite infestation (or had Unicaria).

The presence of jaundice is observed by:

  • Yellowing of the skin
  • Yellowing of the sclera or whites of the eyes
  • Itching skin
  • Dark urine
  • Paler than normal stools.
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Pain and bloating.
    It is important to note that jaundice is not a disease in itself but a symptom and that whenever this condition occurs should be investigated by a doctor to find the cause. In that sense, home remedies presented here are complementary to medical treatment.

Home remedies for jaundice:

Extract the juice of a lemon and a grapefruit and mix with water to reduce it a little. Take two glasses of this juice daily.

Home remedy to cure jaundice with Radish leaves :

Green  leaves of radish are valuable to naturally treat jaundice remedy to cure the condition coming in ten days, for which they must extract the juice from the leaves and half-consumed liter daily distributed during the day. This juice stimulates appetite and promotes proper evacuation.

Natural remedy to treat jaundice tomato :

Tomatoes are another of the most effective home remedies to naturally treat jaundice, for which you should consume a glass of fresh tomato juice with a pinch of white pepper and salt for 10 days the morning fasting.

This home remedy for jaundice with Barley water 

A very old natural remedy is barley water for jaundice and must obtain it from cooking a cup of barley in three liters of water, boil for 3 hours slowly and consume during the day to detoxify the body and regulate liver functions .

Home treatment with Almonds to treat jaundice naturally 

The almond is a very nutritious nut but also a powerful natural medication , particularly to treat digestive problems and in the case of jaundice are a home remedy very effective.

Taking 12 almonds and leave soak overnight, the next morning remove the skin, make a paste with it and add a tablespoon of butter with brown sugar, eat for 10 days.

Causes of jaundice

The most common cusa is some kind of obstruction of the bile ducts caused by a hepatitis (viral or induced by medication), calculi or stones in the gallbladder, cirrhosis, pancreatic problems, hemolytic anemia, etc.
In newborns usually occurs because sometimes after a long and complicated childbirth or after much effort, the baby is born very congested and there is a red blood cell destruction.

Treatments for Jaundice

For infants based treatment fototerapiasuele be the most common. They were blindfolded and are exposed to blue spectral unaluz determined for several days and cambiándolede position that the entire body.

Nutrition for jaundice

Generally apply the same natural remedies and all general advice recommended for liver problems and gallbladder.


  • Animal fats (meats, butter, cow’s milk, etc.)
  • Fried.
  • Legumes (temporarily or taking small amounts)
  • Stimulants such as snuff and alcohol.

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