Toothache Natural Home remedies Symptoms and cure

admin / September 26, 2014


Oral hygiene is something we should care, because there are a number of dental problems appear if this area is neglected. Although many people believe, the teeth are part of the body parts that are most needed and without teeth could not chew. One of the most common pains that can be found is toothache, because this is caused by a number of common factors, however, it should be mentioned that this pain is one of the strongest you can have.

Toothaches not appear as teeth care is that poor diet, is something that can actually damage our teeth and therefore, create a series of infections, mainly in the teeth. When wisdom teeth is the most affected, the pain is cataloged how awful and for that reason, must be aware about the care of teeth. Should mention that this pain, you usually need to remove the wheel to remove the infection and then it can heal. However, there are some treatments that can relieve pain, but these are not durable and therefore, removing the wheel is common.


Among the causes of most common tooth pain, we find the following, so pay attention and you can avoid hurting our teeth.

Earache : The area where our wheel is one of the major nerves that have and one of the most sensitive. So if the pain is too strong, you can get to detonate a severe ear pain that will not stop, until you have to remove the wheel.

Heart attack : Heart attacks are too common and that is both the discomfort you have, our blood begins to accelerate more than usual; including medicines are too strong and can reach affect our heart. There are several cases of people who have died from a heart attack have a toothache.

Infection : Infection in the wheel is the trigger for having to remove it, however, many people believe that when removed, can start to resume normal life. This is false, because it must keep feeding off fat, pork among other foods, for about 2 weeks, this for the wound to heal and not cause other conditions in that particular area.


There are different home remedies for toothache, they can help control the discomfort and therefore, to have a quieter day, from herbs or teas is something we can find in order to control it is one of the common pains we can find.

Chewing parsley : Parsley is one of the herbs to chew secretes a substance that can be a relaxing place to toothache. This is indicated to chew every time you feel the pain even helps generate endorphins our brain to prevent pain. It should be mentioned that when you finish chewing, you need to take some water to clean the area of grass that can be.

Rinse Liquor : The liquor can help the gum does not have much pain, but that does not mean you should drink liquor, on the contrary, we have a drink to try to place it on the affected area for a period of 2 or 3 minutes and then spit it out. Thus, toothache which has be reduced.

Ice in the wound : In addition to reaching quell unrest wound, according Eastern beliefs indicate that this can remove toothache in just 4 days. You only need to put ice on the wound and squeeze a little to let the cold in that area.

Garlic : Grind (mince) garlic clove, add a pinch of salt and place this mixture in the area where we have pain. Garlic has antiseptic and disinfectant properties that help to relieve pain.

Cloves : Place boil ‘clove’, helps relieve pain and reduce infection for its antiseptic properties. Oil may also be used for ‘clove’.

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