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admin / September 27, 2014

Back pains appear and disappear suddenly without realizing it, until gradually become chronic, ie learn to live with pain.

You can start with just loading a grocery bag, tie a ribbon shoe while sitting front is simply the desktop or to make any move.

Although many people seek to justify why this upset, in fact, the pain may occur by different factors or habits that have accumulated. The search for relief from this evil, takes millions of dollars invested and the end, the impact and results achieved in a person are not the same as another.

According to studies done, these problems can be prevented by keeping fit, exercising and watching their weight. It also helps to have good posture when walking or sitting, learn new techniques to lift heavy objects and choosing the right shoe, which reinforces the step and stability at the back.

When a sport is practiced incorrectly, it might skew a muscle or tendon, causing great pain. The overweight, pregnancy or a congenital condition such as scoliosis, for example, put pressure on the lower back, weakening the muscles, nerves and joints.

There are several options for treating this annoying, plus some specifically targeted to stretch and strengthen back muscles exercises, is also acupuncture and yoga. Unfortunately, the only thing the doctor will prescribe to alleviate this pain are muscle relaxants, anti-inflammatory or an injection for pain. Your doctor may order X-rays or more advanced methods to better diagnose the condition. Implement preventive and care methods, put a bit in your favor, avoiding major problems.

Usually back pain is treated with ibuprofen and naproxen sodium for these drugs eliminate the inflammation and relieve pain.

However, there are other natural remedies that can also help.

How to relieve back pain :

Poultice of cabbage

Natural fiber cloth 1, outer leaves of cabbage. Put the cabbage leaves in the oven to warm. While still hot, put on leaves on the affected area and over the cloth to keep warm. Keep it there for an hour and repeat with new leaves.

Cold and hot

Wrap ice cubes in a towel and apply to the affected area for 20 minutes. Apply several times during 48 hours. Then switch to heat. Wet a towel with hot water, squeeze and fold to apply to the back. Cover the towel and give it up amid an electric blanket to keep the heat level. Leave it for 20 minutes.

Important – Never apply heat when the pain is acute or caused by an injury because heat can increase inflammation. Heat should be applied only when the pain is chronic

Exercises to relax the back

  • Place a ball between your back and the wall. Bending the knees up and down, roll the ball. Repeat until you feel the relaxation in the back.
  • Lying on the floor, take one knee and tighten the thigh towards the chest. Hold for a few seconds and repeat with the other leg.


If you have someone who can give you a massage, this is another excellent remedy for relieving chronic back pain. To make it effective you can use one of those menthol business selling special creams to relieve back pain. Or you can make your own by mixing one tablespoon oil massager coconut oil with three or four drops of peppermint essential oil.

Massage with Tennis Balls

Fill a sock with tennis balls and have someone in the house to give you a back massage rolling the sock with the balls from the top down.

Vinegar and Rosemary

Boil 1 liter of water, 1/4 liter of vinegar and 2 handfuls of rosemary for 5 minutes. Let stand for five minutes. Dip a cotton rag with the solution and apply to the sore area.

  • You can give hot fomentation and sponging as the warmth in the back also gives immediate back pain relief.
  • Apply hypericum oil on the back area where you feel pain. To make this oil should fill a bottle with flowers and buds of wort and add oil. It should allow to stand for three weeks. Is exccelente to eliminate back pain caused by stress.
  • Boil 2 tablespoons sage leaves in 1 liter of water for 10 minutes. Remove from heat, cool and drink 3 times a day

Recommendations Tips for Back Pain :

Invest in a new mattress (orthopedic) A soft mattress and little consistency can help develop back problems    if you can not buy a new mattress, get a piece of wood Plywood three quarter inch (1.90 centimeters) of thickness which should be placed between the mattress and placed under the bed springs.

Sleeping sideways and in a fetal position .   ‘s best position so that your back does not suffer when sleep is sideways leaning her head on a not very high pillow, knees bent and, if possible, with a thin pillow between them.   Equally suitable is to sleep on your back, but you need to put a thick pillow under your knees and a thin and small in the lumbar area. Avoid sleeping on your stomach, but if you must do so, you need to put a small pillow in the abdomen and one to the ankles.

Avoid getting up suddenly from the bed .   ‘s better for your back positioned sideways, support arm is free on the edge of the bed down first one leg and then the other and slowly sit up sit up in bed. Then he should stand up.

home remedies for back pain

Avoid wearing high heels , because it can gradually affects the natural arches of the back.

Using an ergonomic cushion if you stay too long in car seats or office.   pad should be small and located so that it can provide back support.   Thus, the most suitable position is where you can lie back at an angle of about 110 degrees.   Moreover, it is advisable if you sit for many hours s up and walk periodically.

Avoid smoking According to studies smoking affects blood circulation which increases the risk of back pain or delayed healing. For that reason, it is recommended to quit.

Caring how to lift objects when loading, bend your knees, not your back. Make the effort with  his legs and keep objects close to the body (chest up)

Avoid overloading the transfer of this bad habit from childhood often seen in school, ranging overly laden with books. Adults also often load heavier than they should object. When the load is heavy, you need to seek help before and plan work to make sure steps

Mental Health Care is proven that having depression is related to subsequent development of back pain.

Making sport to have a toned back sport helps build muscle which is the best prevention to avoid back pain; Routines pilates and swimming are best placed to maintain strong and flexible muscles of the back and abdomen.

You maintain good posture at the computer.  pains to avoid not only the product of bad back position when sitting at a computer but in the head, hands, and neck should

  • Keep head and neck in upright, shoulders   relaxed
  • Keep the trunk resting on the back of the chair
  • Keep the top of the screen at eye level and at a distance between 45 to 70 cm
  • Keep your forearms, wrists and hands aligned in a straight position, relative to the keyboard
  • Keep your hips and knees bent at an angle equal to or slightly greater than 90 °.
  • Always keep footing, preferably use a footrest

Medical assistancein any of the following conditions:

  • Back pain that occurs suddenly and without apparent reason.
  • Back pain accompanied by other symptoms such as fever, cramps, chest pain and difficulty breathing.
  • Acute attack that lasts more than two to three days without pain relief.
  • Chronic pain that lasts more than two weeks without relief.
  • Back pain that radiates down the leg to the knee or foot.

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