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admin / September 7, 2014

Insurance policies are an agreement or contract between an entity or organization (known as the insurer or provider) and the person or persons being hedged (the policyholder). Although insurance policies to address ranges — a car, credit, health, life and property — the basic terminology is similar.

Features :

An actuarial insurance providers is the arithmetic useful for setting rates and premiums charged to the insured. The premium is the amount of money a policyholder pays to receive and maintain coverage.

Package Benefits Terms :

benefits are charging the insurance services provided to the insured under the policy. Evidence of coverage details (including costs) are the specific range of services and benefits that the insured is entitled to.

Payment :

Deductibles are the amount of money the insured to pay a prescribed period before they will be reimbursed by the insurance company for your eligible expenses are required. Copayments are predetermined flat fee that is charged by the insured individual service (eg, a doctor’s appointment or prescription drugs).

Complaint Terms and Processes :

claims are requests for payments to be made ​​and can come from the insurer or the insured. The application is approved or denied, in which case the appeal can be made. Considerations

Additional terminology found within the different types of insurance policies. For example, health insurance, key terms, including compensation and care plans, primary care physician, the state-mandated benefits, HIPAA, Medigap and pre existing and planned conditions. While with collision insurance, no-fault, assigned risk and accident forgiveness are terms related to auto insurance policies


This is a health insurer in which consider hiring a health insurance should be in any event, currently a guarantee for our well-being and quality of life and especially our peace and safety. It’s why they offer medical services at discounts of up to four variables months between 30% or 50%, depending on the date you decide to contract insurance.

Therefore, the contract with the company, you not only get a lot of medical benefits, but also get everything you need for your quality of life.


If you were to hire any of the current medical insurance options should know what those major benefits or those requirements that we should not forget are in any case. These three concepts are in any case, vesting periods, hospitalization and pre-existing conditions.

Each of the 3 involves restrictions in some way for the user since even in the case of hospital services is likely that your health insurance finally hired not include such a service so you would have to resort to the comparators where are rapidly each of the relevant characteristics.

Health Insurance Policies :


Medical insurance for individuals are sold by insurance companies them on a large scale.

This means that medical policies are more insurers sell. Are those that serve the public, so for example for families or people who want to secure their individual health.

Those health care insurance for individuals currently enjoy great fame as the offer is huge and more and more people want to have one. Having private health insurance poses to the security ensured in any case no social security. With individual health insurance you have the prompt consultation as well as personalized treatment.

So hire the services of a particular disease for sure the best way to ensure your health and that of his family.


The general thinking is that private health insurance is prohibitively expensive and is usually medical services are expensive so it is normal to think that given the coverage that these policies include their medical premiums are high. On the contrary, far from this thought, there are now cheap medical insurance.

And is that because of the strong current demand insurance cheap health care are increasing in the same or similar level of demand. So it is possible to find both full insurance medical staff illness as basic health insurance or reimbursement that are perfectly suited to the needs of the consumer. These cheap health insurance is today more than ever a reality.


By grace period means roughly the time it would have to wait for the policyholder’s health insurance in order to get all the services provided by the terms of their health insurance.

Currently the majority trend are health policies without grace periods being the root causes that users are more interested in health insurance without any deficiency because if they decide to take out private insurance is because it offers all the services of health issues but with greater efficiency; We also have to know that the high demand for them has increased its range and so these health care insurance health insurance are most often hired.

So if you are considering hiring a health insurance but lack time you check back this last note, is that health insurance without waiting periods are the general tone and therefore will find one that suits your needs.


Companies have the ability to ensure the health and welfare of their employees health insurance hiring for them for businesses. The health insurance companies are especially designed for companies and are mainly characterized by the policyholder is the company being the beneficiary company employees.

With these health insurance companies for health workers is ensured primarily so that the employer ensures that its employees have quality health care fast and efficient. These healthcare insurance for companies are the other way for beneficiaries or workers as any other health insurance so as contracted option would have coverage presented by the medical staff.

Find out which of the 20 health insurance companies offer primary policy with the best coverage and price ratio is very easy with Our Health Insurance Comparison Online, helps you analyze the conditions offered by different insurers for your specific case and choose the one that best suits your needs. And all with exclusive offers users only. And if you prefer to speak to a specialist adviser to clarify your doubts, you can call 902 656 119 and a specialist in health insurance will explain everything in detail and help you choose the best option.

In the health insurance industry, there are two types of policies: policies medical list and refund policies . For both types there are different varieties depending on the coverage’s included (hospitalization, diagnostic testing, family planning, etc..) And geographic coverage area (local, national or international).

Medical staff policies :

With a medical staff policy you can go to the doctor’s you choose from a list of centers and physicians agreed with the insurance (this list is what is called medical chart). This type of insurance is the most hired to be the most economical choice when hiring health insurance.

If you want to have the tightest possible price, including medical staff policies can choose the more “basic” options, which only cover non-medical consultations and hospitalizations and diagnostic tests. This kind of “basic” policies interest you especially if what you really want is to go to a specialist at any time without having to go through the doctor, and do not change it so important that you cover hospital stays, operations and diagnostic tests, for example, for these cases prefer to go to the Social Security.

If, however, you want a full coverage, you want to choose the “standard” policies, which does include both medical consultations and diagnostic tests, hospitalizations and diagnostic tests . In this case, they should analyze if you want to choose a policy with a slightly reduced monthly fee, but with co-payments (you contribute a small amount (depending on the insurer and specialty, between 2 and 15 euros for each medical act you request) or without health insurance co-payments and monthly costs constant, regardless of the time that you go to the doctor.

Although insurers often have very large medical conditions, it is important that the insurance before you check your reference specialists are included in the medical chart of the entity (for example, your doctor or dermatologist usual).

Analyzed health insurers :

If you appoint a health insurance reimbursement, other than for the medical box, you’ll go to any doctor in any clinic in the world, and depending on the policy even the world, as your insurance company will reimburse you between 80% and 95 % of the cost of the query that is not included in the medical chart.

This type of insurance you are interested in if you want to be able to go to the best specialists if needed, should be included in the medical chart or not your insurer. However, they are mandatory considerably more expensive than medical staff, and besides, if you are meeting a doctor who is not on the medical staff of your insurer will have to forward the invoice amount, later your company will partially give it return (between 80 and 95% according to the policy).

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