Health Benefits of eating carrot and its properties

admin / September 7, 2014

The carrot grows throughout the world. Although the most familiar is the Larguita orange, the truth is that there are carrots of different colors and sizes. A variety of carrot in the Far East grows up to three feet long.

Through the years, the carrot has been characterized as the favorite food of rabbits. It also tells the story that on one occasion, the mad emperor Caligula, the Senate invited to a feast of pure carrots because these are considered an aphrodisiac.

Several biologists have turned to artwork ancient species to identify past centuries. Today, the carrot is one of the most popular vegetables. Tastes good, low price and various health benefits.

The carrot is rich in vitamin A, Because of its high carotene content, carrots has the potential to prevent cancer. For example, studies have shown that the risk of cancer in the pancreas of people who eat carrots regularly are much less than those who almost never eat this vegetable.

Carotene not only protects against cancer, it also protects the arteries, the immune system and fights infection. For the body to better absorb carotene, it is advisable to eat carrots cooked rather than raw.

carrots are high in soluble fiber so they are very good to treat constipation and reduce cholesterol . The effectiveness of treating constipation carrot becomes greater when combined with cabbage.

Another benefit of carrot is that it protects the eye . Eat daily carrot can prevent deterioration was visible when he is older.

Home Remedies with carrot

  • To relieve asthma , boil some carrots in water and drink the broth. Also hot carrot juice is used.
  • To quit every time you wish to smoke a cigarette, eat a carrot.
  • To relieve burns , cover the affected area with a gauze pad in carrot juice part.

The properties of carrot weight loss are based on their chemical composition :

  • It is an antioxidant due to its high content in beta-carotene, in addition to caring for your skin and help your tan, keeps your cells young.
  • It is cleansing : Because of its high fiber content, which draws toxins from your body, thus also regulates intestinal transit.
  • It is –inflammatory , prevents bloating and helps prevent bloating, excess gas.
  • It is diuretic , its high water content, helping to eliminate kidney stones.
  • It is highly satisfying , because they are high in fiber and water.

How can you eat to get all the benefits?

  • The way you like: whole raw, grated, mashed, baked, roasted, steamed .
  • Just try to be careful not to consume boiled for vitamin loss.
  • If you’re going to cook with water, put a little liquid, cook it whole and just enter it when a boil, so this will reduce significantly the loss of vitamins and minerals.
  • The carrot can eat all the time is an ally when it comes to controlling the vegetables anxiety and if this were not enough, there are delicious meals that you can prepare.
    A vegetable of very few calories ( 42 calories / 100 gr .), which has a high satiety value and helps the diet more tasty and nutritious. Enjoy!

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