Reasons to Eat an Apple a Day, Health benefits & advantages

admin / September 8, 2014

The appearance of beautiful, tempting apple is not surprising since this part of the beautiful fruit of the rose family. The famous saying is that “an apple a day, keeps the doctor away” can be very true. The apple reduces cholesterol and contains anti-cancer agents. Its high fiber content helps fight constipation .

In the literature, the apple is famous for being the forbidden fruit which Adam and Eve ate in the Garden of Eden. However, in several apocryphal books of the Bible, the evidence suggests that the forbidden fruit was grapes.

Another stereotype is that apple presented as a symbol of the school or teachers. According to history, this is because children do not have money but want to make a gift to your teacher. The apple is beautiful, bright and very healthy, the perfect gift at affordable price. However, I would say it would be better to say that is due to the boron content in the block. Boron is a mineral that stimulates the brain .

Another story for which is very famous apple is to Isaac Newton. Reportedly, Isaac Newton discovered the law of gravity because of an apple fell on his head.

Why apple is healthy?

Apples contain pectin, a soluble fiber which is very good for the digestive system. Pectin helps balance and cleaning the intestinal tract. It is also recommended for people with ulcers and colitis. The apple is effective in relieving diarrhea. A good natural remedy for “traveler’s diarrhea” is grate a ripe apple pulp and leave at room temperature until dark. Oxidized Pectin is the basic ingredient of a well known medicine for diarrhea.

The apple is a natural antibacterial. Fresh apple juice or applesauce can fight the virus famous “flu” and polio. It also helps in oral hygiene. In a study where they were given a slice of apple to children after each meal, found that these children had fewer cavities.

 Health Benefits of Apple :

1. We hydrates, due to its high water content, over 80%

2.  is diuretic and reduces blood pressure due to its high potassium content.

3.  No known for their vitamins but has vitamin E, has a strong antioxidante.3-soluble and insoluble fiber, if we eat raw skin and prevents us from constipation. If we can improve we have diarrhea by eating roasted or stewed.

4.  The skin has pectin, a type of fiber that protects our intestinal mucosa, so that we can consume well washed skin to use its protective benefits of our digestive tract. Pectin has a possible protective role against certain cancers such as colon.

5.  The real secret of the block is not in your vitamins, among which stands out not almost any fruit, but in his numerous phyto chemicals and pectin that prevent cancer, diabetes and lower blood cholesterol levels . A pair of medium apples can reduce blood cholesterol by 10%.

6. With quercetin, another phytochemical that has the apple prevents cardiovascular problems, asthma and other inflammatory diseases such as arthritis.

7.  Has as malic acid or tartaric that can help us digest fat if we eat dessert after an unbalanced food, in addition to the blood glucose rise slowly after eating (preventing diabetes) through the soluble fiber.

8. Apples are rich in antioxidants, but not all varieties are equal, with the red apple highest antioxidant capacity, as it has more than 20,000 ORAC (unit measuring the uptake of free radicals, molecules that oxidize and age we ).

9.  we preserve several weeks without spoilage and can carry up to mid-morning or afternoon snack is an excellent choice for the children to carry to school.

10. An apple before lunch or dinner will satisfy us, we get to avoid much appetite to the table and facilitate getting a “flatter stomach.” “I am what I am and what I train.”

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