Health Benefits, Nutrition Facts & Uses of eating Cauliflower

admin / September 24, 2014

Cauliflower is a cruciferous vegetable relative of broccoli, radishes and cabbage, is native to the Mediterranean and its cultivation is given very successfully in temperate to cold worldwide, by 2013 China was the largest exporter of cauliflower, supplying it across Asia and Europe, in America the leading provider of cauliflower is America.

In ancient cauliflower was only used as a medicine in teas or compresses, went to just two centuries ago when it was first included in the diet. There are over 3000 different types of cauliflower, the most common is the white cauliflower, it is covered with several layers of thick leaves that absorb light while on the plantation; the presence of thick leaves prevents light from up the middle of cauliflower, so the characteristic white color of flesh, there is another kind of green cauliflower which lacks leaves and produces chlorophyll, so the flesh is green .

Many people avoid eating due to cauliflower containing nitrates, however no study has shown that the amount of nitrate containing very high and can cause damage to the body. When buying a cauliflower it must take care that it does not have black spots or has softened parts, if any are observed could demonstrate the presence of insects or fungi, and if they can be harmful to health.

Properties and Nutrition Facts of Cauliflower :

  • One of the important properties of cauliflower sulforaphane between components has an important barrier against cancer.
  • The high content of fatty acids omega-3 type is another very important properties of cauliflower.
  • Cruciferous vegetables are shaped by more than 95% water, so it is recommended for any diet.
  • The high content of folic acid is one of the important properties of cauliflower for pregnant women.

Health Benefits of cauliflower :

For hundreds of years it is known that the cauliflower brings many benefits to the body, so it was not used as food and medicine, today more and more studies show the benefits of this vegetable.

Cauliflower and anti-cancer benefits

Several studies have shown that sulforaphane reduces the chances of contracting, lung, prostate, colon, rectum, stomach and breast cancer. Although there is no extensive scientific evidence about the benefits of this cauliflower, several statistical studies have demonstrated its efficiency.

Cauliflower and oil for the heart :

The omega-3 is a polyunsaturated fatty acid that retards blood clotting, for this reason it is suggested that use of this type of item to people with heart disease and seeking a better quality of life. The omega-3 fatty acid is found in greater amounts in fish, so in tropical countries where the diet consists of fish and vegetables, cardiovascular diseases are much less common. Apart from fish, cruciferous vegetables like cauliflower contain high levels of omega-3, one of the great benefits of cauliflower.

Moisturizing cauliflower as food

Among other benefits of cauliflower can highlight the high water content, having much water the calories and fat it contains is minimal, it is one of the properties of the cauliflower makes it ideal for any diet vegetables, although not has been shown to be toxic no studies, being recommended to consume raw cooked thus is more easily digested.

Healthy pregnancy with the benefits of cauliflower

In recent years the power has changed, junk food has become not only popular, but also very inexpensive, so people prefer to eat junk before fruits and vegetables full of nutritional food, thus encouraging people to consume more nutritious foods is essential. During pregnancy women should take folic acid. The presence of this substance prevents neural tube defects in the developing fetus, a property cauliflower is its high content of folic acid, so it is a food that women during pregnancy should consume on a daily basis .

Contraindications Cauliflower

All cruciferous plants grow directly from the buried body, therefore it is much more likely to be infected with a plague or some kind of fungus, so it is advisable to disinfect thoroughly before boiling and consuming adhere. The properties of cauliflower and cauliflower benefits are many, unfortunately does not have the best flavor and can be difficult to return it to the taste of the little ones.

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