Camphor Health Benefits Medicinal Uses and Nutrition value

admin / October 4, 2014

The camphor or camphor tree is a plant from Asian sources specifically China, Sri Lanka, Japan, and Vietnam. Throughout history, Asian and Oriental civilizations have considered a divine plant camphor and for that reason he was consecrated to the gods and used in ceremonies or spiritual or esoteric rituals.

Features Camphor Tree

The camphor tree can reach 35 meters in height and width at most 40 meters; the leaves of this tree are bright, green alternate and petiolate, oval-shaped, also these leaves have three main nerves in whose armpits are small small glands. Its flowers are small cream colored and grouped in panicles that can reach five meters in length. The fruits that follow flowering are small black, visually appealing and resemble peas.

The plant camphor is used almost entirely, for example wood is highly prized in carpentry and joinery for furniture making and to give finishes inside buildings or houses, also from the distillation of the wood and leaves can be camphor oil obtained which can be used for medical and therapeutic purposes.

Medicinal properties of Camphor

In the modern era with the advancement of science and medicine achievement artificially synthesized camphor, this was thanks to the work of Gustav Komppa in 1903, this great discovery was the result of years of research, and allowed to respond to the high demand I had the camphor worldwide.Among the medicinal properties of camphor are:

  • Antispasmodic
  • Stimulant
  • Anti-inflammatory and analgesic
  • Decongestant
  • Fight problems and respiratory conditions
  • Freshener and Flavoring


Among the various properties of camphor are antispasmodic properties, ie camphor is effective against muscle spasms, severe muscle contractions and cramps, plus it is also very useful for relaxing and mitigate muscle exhaustion, all this is achieved by applying massage skin using essential oil of camphor. Furthermore camphor is very effective in combating and mitigate nerve disorders and severe convulsions and seizures also control nervousness and problems generally.


Other properties of camphor is its ability to act as a stimulant, this is when applied to the skin in one of its common forms, camphor oil, ointment of camphor or ointment of camphor, they heat the skin which in turn increases blood flow to exhausted muscles, exhausted and sore, in addition to that camphor is very effective in treating problems related to or associated with rheumatoid arthritis or rheumatism ailments.

Anti-inflammatory and Analgesic

Camphor acts as a powerful analgesic, relieving aches and muscle aches and is a muscle relaxant, in addition to this highly effective anti inflammatory camphor through when applied to skin peripheral sensory nerves numbed.


The best known property of camphor is its ability to clear the respiratory tract, nasal passages either lung or bronchial tubes. For this just apply some ointment on top chest back or on the outside of the nose. When camphor ointment, its powerful and fresh smell applies clears and unclogs clogged airways.

Fight problems and respiratory conditions

Camphor is very effective in treating respiratory problems, relieve or suppress coughing as well as alleviate discomfort associated with bronchial or lung problems.

Freshener and Flavoring

One of the most striking properties of camphor is that it can be used as an air freshener to scent indoors, whether bathrooms, bedrooms or living rooms. Its pleasant smell provides an atmosphere of warmth and relaxation conducive to balance emotions and mitigate the effects of mental fatigue and stress. On the other hand according to historians, in ancient China during the Chang Dynasty camphor was used to flavor sweets similar to those now known as ice cream.

Contraindications / side effects and recommendations

When camphor is used in high amounts externally it can become toxic and also cause allergies, so it is advisable to test any product with camphor in a small area of ​​skin, have no side effects used throughout the skin.

Internally camphor should be applied under strict medical supervision because of exceeding the appropriate dose may cause stomach irritation, vomiting, nausea, tightness in the liver and even seizures.

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