How to stop/quit masturbation addiction right now

admin / September 8, 2014

How masturbation is avoided?

The first is to be clear why masturbation is neither good nor necessary for health, Helps strengthen the decision not to masturbate to remember that is necessary to protect the eroticization of the current environment.

You also need to clearly decide not to masturbate is possible, is part of the free choice of any person which is a sign of maturity and courage, not weakness. Nor is abnormal decide to do this, but there are people who insist otherwise.

In general boredom, loneliness, fear, stress and fatigue are situations that can lead to masturbation and provide clues for prevention. So there are some tips that can help in the decision to avoid masturbation or leave your vicious circle.

Steps to Quit / Stop Masturbation :

1) Protect from environmental aggression commercial eroticism with filters on your computer (PC), also installing the computer in a visible place in your house like the living room, choosing video games with your parents, with a moderate use of television and social networks, etc. Also watch the TV series. Studies show how certain series can eroticize adolescents even without explicit sexual content because they help sexuality ends up being more central in your life than it should be at your age.

2) Adopt a healthy of your body with proper hygiene, a balanced diet and avoiding the consumption of harmful and addictive substances such as snuff, alcohol or other drugs, like marijuana. Play a sport, just any exercise it; you will feel better about your body, more easily accept and can better channel the nascent sexual energy you have as a teenager. The sport will help you grow in willpower, spirit of sacrifice and self-improving while improving your psychological health to facilitate the channeling of energy and characteristics of the routine of daily life aggression. It also helps you to fill leisure time in a healthy way and you can find good friends / as with whom to share something healthy.

3) Take your time constructively. You can improve your culture and training and seek with your friends, the answer to bioethical problems facing today such as abortion, cloning, euthanasia or the responsibility we have all against world hunger. You can also perform altruistic activities and solidarity with your friends. Young people who spend whole afternoons in malls just “looking for partner” to hang out. The “rolls an evening” do not prepare you for love rather predispose you to compensation as masturbation.

4) Build a group of friends / healthy as. There are two types of groups: constructive or “healthy facilitators” who are those in which each member has and all looking to do specific things for the good of all or help others. But there are groups that do not help to mature, they tend not join to anything specific, except to “share frustrations” or complain about their parents and teachers (so they resort to activities of “filler” like wasting time in centers commercial or consume alcohol). These are groups with a dominant leader who tend to choke its members.

In short: to prevent masturbation or leave your vicious cycle must begin by deciding to do so knowing that it is possible and healthy. In addition, you can include specific ways to strengthen that decision: protect the eroticism, have a healthy lifestyle, take your time constructively and carefully choose your friends. So you are preparing for the solid love passing by owning your sexuality and masturbation will not let you remove quality that capacity to love.

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